MC Fashion - Malhas Confiding, Lda.


Portuguese company founded in 1997, with the propose of producing for European market fashion garments, men’s, women and children with the best quality fabrics, specialized on knits all kind of blends.

We do Tees, Sweats, Tops, Dresses, Polo’s, Skirts, Pants, Shorts or Jackets.


Strategy & Vision

We see our customers as our partners, dealing on a competitive market, where the creativity and quality standards with competitive prices are vital to the brands recognition. That´s why we daily work to fulfil our customers’ needs and the dead lines required.

Our mission is to achieve the highest quality standards and innovation levels on the final product to satisfy the final customer.

Company has a very dedicated work team and has an excellent work environment with a vision of creating an organization that everyone would like to work with and work in, emphasising on team work to operate on defined systems ensuring straight follow up.

The company works with Oeko-Tex® certified partners.

An increase in the capacity to produce goods and services, together with our customers, choosing the best suppliers/partners.


Products & Services

We manufacture, from weaving and dying the finest fabrics different construction and fibres, print, embroidering or biding garments with all kind of washing and effects for fashion like, tees, tops, sweats, pants or skirts for women?s, men?s or children.

We provide daily information on status of every item in work as well as all sampling, fabric swatches or lab dip materials, strike offs or mock ups, given by any of our commercial staff.

The expertise and know-how of all our workers and partners, as well as the proximity of our customers together with the flexibility we construct in our Company gives our Company the capacity of producing smaller quantities and fast deliveries.

Company was distinguished with PME lider?12 by Portuguese Government and Portuguese quality performance, low risk institutions.


Location & Contacts

Malhas Confiding, Lda.

Travessa Couto Manhente, 86

4750-561 Manhente

Barcelos - Portugal


Mobile:  + 351 914 853 286

Phone:  + 351 253 843 698

Fax: + 351 253 843 702


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